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Program Questions

In this area you will find common questions that are asked regarding Hard to Kill Fitness workout programs.

I do not have access to a pool, what should I do for swimming?

If your current goal for training is performance and not for entering the pipeline or specific selection courses, then you can easily switch out these swimming workouts. Replace them with an additional running or rucking session found in your program

Is Lean Machine V2 for me?

Lean Machine V2 is an 8-week training plan with the primary focus of accelerating fat loss so you can shed that extra bulk while still helping you build lean muscle. Following our HTK style of training each session will be split up into 3 sections,

What is the best program for preparing for basic training?

We recommend that you start with Bodyweight Built. This program will ensure that you are familiar with all of the exercises that you will be performing in your training. Once you complete it, you can run through it again using a weighted vest and is

Can Women do the HTK programs?

Women can perform any of our programs and achieve amazing results. The same rules apply when choosing your program you want to focus on your goals first. There are always scaling options for exercises such as pull-ups and push-ups along with the Push

What program is best to prepare for a selection process?

Elite Operator V2 is the right program for you. Designed specifically to help prepare individuals for selection and any life situation that requires strength and stamina. You will be lifting weights to build strength along with running, rucking, and

What is the Pushup/Pullup program good for?

The push-up/pull-up plan is a program developed to help you break past plateaus and see increases in these two exercises. Quick yet intense this plan was created to be an  add-on to your current home or gym routine. Each workout takes 15-20minutes to

Is Lockdown Protocol for me?

Lockdown Protocol is a complete ZERO equipment program. This 6-week workout plan uses bodyweight exercises to enhance your physique, strength, endurance, and mobility. This is a full 6-week training plan on its own that requires 4 sessions per week a

Is this crossfit style training?

Our training is not the same as CrossFit. We have a completely different style of training. Our training utilizes a mix of bodybuilding movements, conditioning, and circuit training. So that for each program you touch on every area that makes you an

How do I determine what weight to use for the workout?

Choosing the right weight is important, yet it does take some experience to be able to judge this yourself, and some days you may not be able to go as heavy as others. A general rule for measuring this is if you are not struggling slightly on the las

Do I need to be able to do pullups for the programs?

For all our plans except for Lockdown protocol, you are required to perform Pull-ups. However, you do not have to be able to complete full pull-ups. We provide you with variations you can perform to build your strength up so you can. If you put in th

What do I do if I am injured?

Firstly, it is ALWAYS best to contact your doctor to see if you can work out and if there are any restrictions for exercises that you can do. Next, contact us with the exercises in your plan that you cannot perform and the restrictions that the docto

I am looking to shed weight, what program is best for me?

Lean Machine is the program that will get you those results. It is designed to build lean muscle and cut fat. You will be lifting weights, performing HIIT sessions, and doing aerobic active recovery throughout each week.

I want to build muscle mass, which program is for me?

Tactical Monster will get you those results. This program is a 3-phase lifting program that is designed to build muscle mass and strength. This program has its own nutritional guide different from our other programs, to make sure you are fueling your

I am just getting back into working out, which program is for me?

The best choices for beginners would be Lockdown Protocol or Tactical Bodyweight. Both of these programs will build a solid foundation of strength and endurance to transition into a weightlifting program and kickstart you back into training. If you d