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Do I need to be able to do pullups for the programs?Updated 2 years ago

For all our plans except for Lockdown protocol, you are required to perform Pull-ups. However, you do not have to be able to complete full pull-ups. We provide you with variations you can perform to build your strength up so you can. If you put in the work to get better at them, you will be knocking out full repetitions in no time!

If this is a sore spot for you and you would really like to put more focus on improving in this area, then I highly recommend our Push-up Pull-up Improvement plan. This is an ‘add on plan’ that is designed specifically to help you increase your reps in push-ups and pull-ups. The techniques in this plan make it more effective than simply performing reps upon reps and more efficient as each workout only takes around 15-20 minutes 3 times per week. The perfect addition to your current training. 

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