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Account IssuesUpdated a year ago

How Do I create an account?

After you purchase one of our programs, you will get an email with directions for creating an account.

In the TRAINING PLANS area of the order confirmation email you will see "create your account here." Click that to begin the registering process for your account.

What if I did not receive the confirmation email?

If you did not receive the confirmation email, either our system glitched or a different email address was used for the program purchase.

Please check your other emails to ensure that is not the issue.

If you do not see it in any of your email inboxes, please contact us with your First and Last name and the date/time of the purchase  if possible.

I can not log in to my account

If you can not log in to your account we can help you.

If you forgot your password, you can reset that with the forgot password link in the password text box.

If the problem persists, please contact us.

When I reset my password, nothing happens and I do not get an email to reset my password.

When this happens, it means that there is not an active account with that email address in our system.

Try to create an account with this link https://hardtokillfitness.co/account/register 

If that does not work, please contact us.

I have logged in but do not see any of my programs

If you made a recent purchase and do not see it when you log in, please ensure that you are using the same email address to login that you used for the purchase.

If it is the same email address, please check that you received the email confirmation for the order.

If you did, please respond to that email to contact us with your problem.

If you did not get the confirmation, there may have been a typo in the email address. Contact us with the name and email for the order and we will get that fixed.

If you purchased your programs prior to November 2019, you may not see your programs. We have migrated our site and not all of the accounts made it in the transfer.

Send us an email with the name and email for the purchase and we can get that resolved.

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